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The Banker awarded NLB Banka for the 10th time for "Best Bank for 2019"

NLB Banka AD Skopje is honored, for the tenth time, with the prestigious award of the renowned financial magazine The Banker, for Best Bank in Republic of North Macedonia.

The selection for the best bank, The Banker made based on criteria like: realized financial results, capabilty for profit generation, new product development, services and technologies, customer service and strategic competitive advantage.

NLB Bank AD Skopje is among the most profitable companies in N.Macedonia, with realized net profit of 34.5 milion euro in 2018 and net profit of 23.7 milion euro for the first nine months of 2019. The excellent results come from intensive activities in lending to households and legal entities, where the Bank holds the second largest loan portfolio in the banking sector, as well as continuous sales activities in all segments of operations, qualitative financial services, improved collection and decreased non-performing loan portfolio, significat investments in digital services in order to provide greater accessibility and functionality.

The Banker is a British magazine owned by The Financial Times Ltd. The main focus of The Banker is on topics related to the global financial landscape, featuring posts, profiles and interviews with leading banking and financial figures. 

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