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According to the Chapter 6 of the Listing Rules, we are publishing the following price sensitive information


In order to implement the recommendations of the Securities and Exchange Commission of the Republic of North Macedonia and in the interest of complying with the measures for prevention against the spread of COVID-19, Komercijalna Banka AD Skopje calls on its shareholders, to realize their right to participate and vote at the Bank’s Assembly scheduled for 02.04.2020, as soon as possible, by written correspondence or electronic voting, in order to ensure the successful holding of the scheduled Assembly without the physical presence of the shareholders. Detailed instructions on this method of voting and participation in the work of the Assembly are available on the Bank's website www.kb.com.mk. For further information, please send your questions electronically at sobranie@kb.com.mk or call the following telephone numbers (02) 3168222 or (02) 3168232.


Објавено на: 17.03.2020 15:05:49
Документ БР.: DOC_10686-195/2020
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