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On 29.03.2021, Komercijalna Banka AD Skopje held its General Meeting of the Assembly where the shareholders participated in and voted through written correspondence, aimed towards adherence to the measures for prevention against the spread of COVID-19.

The shareholders confirmed that the Bank ended 2020 with a gross profit in the amount of MKD 2,067.1 million. Upon calculation of the income tax of MKD 155.1 million, the net profit of the Bank is in the amount of MKD 1,911.9 million. The shareholders of the Bank made a Decision on appropriation and allocation of the unallocated profit gained in the amount of MKD 1,911.9 million and defined the dividend on ordinary shares to the extent of 60% of the nominal share value, i.e. MKD 600 per share. The dividend payout shall start upon expiry of twenty days from the date when the restriction of NBRNM for distribution and dividend payout for 2020 shall cease to be valid. In order to increase the total capital of the Bank and of the book value of the Bank’s shares, the shareholders made a decision for part of the profit, in the amount of MKD 294.5 million, to be allocated into reserves. Furthermore, part of the profit in the amount of MKD 250 million shall be distributed into retained earnings for investments in 2021. The shareholders also made a decision that the retained earnings from 2018, in the amount of MKD 323 million, shall be redistributed into reserves of the Bank.                                   

The Assembly also adopted the Financial Statements and Consolidated Financial Statements, Annual Accounts and Consolidated Annual Accounts of the Bank for 2020, as well as the Code of Corporate Governance of the shareholders companies listed on the Macedonian Stock Exchange in 2020.


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