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According to the Chapter 6 of the Listing Rules, we are publishing the following price sensitive information

NLB Banka AD Skopje, together with NLB Lease&Go, leasing d.o.o. Ljubljana increased the share capital of the company – “NLB Lease&Go Skopje”.

NLB Banka AD Skopje owns 49% of the company's total founding capital.

The offer of NLB Lease&Go Skopje is intended for individuals and legal entities and includes financial lease of new and used cars, trucks, buses, vessels, agricultural and construction machinery, as well as other types of equipment and machines.

The operational model of the company is focused on creating innovative and simple solutions for a superior user experience and full digitization of processes, with maximum customer protection and the business activity includes a wide range of leasing solutions, including insurance and other related services for the use of vehicles and equipment that will be leased.

Published оn: 10/6/2023 8:46:18 AM
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